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Hello, my name is Alexander Jimenez I am in 11th grade in school. I have always been involved in learning, exploring and making a difference in the community through various organizations such as Boy Scouts of America (where I'm pursuing my Eagle Rank), Rotary International by feeding hungry families in the Chicagoland area, and The Chicago Children’s Festival where physical and health programs take place. Over the years I have been selling in block parties, door-to-door selling raffle tickets, and during public events I sell chocolate bars and offer various yard cleaning services to raise funds for charitable organizations and develop my entrepreneurship skills (which is one of my passions). Throughout the summer I also offer car wash services to raise funds and bring awareness about cancer about the struggles many children face with this deadly decease.


​While working with many kids, I couldn't help to notice that I have been fortunate to pursue my dreams other less fortunate children lack the same opportunities as I have, because of their health struggles. Although the needs are many, I choose to help with cancer because it's very problematic, painful and deadly. Worldwide, 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year (that's one child every 2 minutes). Once I realized this, I decided to take matters into my hands and do something using my entrepreneurship skills and work hard to bring a little joy into the lives of children as they battle this deadly decease.


That’s how my nonprofit organization was born almost five years ago (I was just 9 at the time) called “Smiles Against Cancer” and thru a partnerships with UChicago Medical Comer Children's Hospital and Lurie Children’s Hospital, I purchased toys with the proceeds collected through the year and donate them to hundreds of kids who are struggling with cancer. Although my contributions may seem small, my heart is full of joy when I see those children’s smiles acting local, but impacting the future leaders who will see a better tomorrow.



Supportive Hospitals

ann & robert h. lurie children's memoria

Our efforts are local, but will impact the future leaders of the world!

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